Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So my sweet little Tripp has been a bit of a little monster lately, shocker I know;) by monster I mean pushing the limits, throwing fits, etc. we have been working on some new discipline tactics that seem to be going ok. Well today I decided to take the boys to the mall to get tripp's haircut and just walk around a bit. My sweet grandmother came along with us too. We got tripps haircut, went to the Disney store, ate Chickfila, then my grandma said she would sit with Tripp and let him play while I went to get a couple gift cards. All went well until it was time to go. Tripp usually gets a little upset about leaving but knows its time to go and eventually stops whining. Not today!! He decided to throw a royal fit, not just any fit, a ROYAL one right in the middle of the mall!! I was so embarrassed and all I could do was wait for him to calm down. He did get a spanking on his little tooshie, but that did not calm him down! So I waited while lots of people walked by just looking at us, some smiling, some with sympathy on their face for me and some in horror( obviously not parents;)) it felt like forever but it was actually about 5 minutes. Finally he calmed down and we high tailed it out of there!! We go to the mall all the time and he never does that, he would of course pick the busiest time of the year!! I know one day I will look back at this and laugh, that is why I wanted to make sure I have it recorded:) oh goodness, what a day! So my apologies to anyone who happened to be in the woodlands mall this morning! Ok well here are some random pictures from my iPhone that I haven't loaded yet:) enjoy!!

Tripp's first school pic... So cute!

Me and my littlest munchkin

Me and my big boy watching the texans

Superman tuckey!

Tripp after his school party, he was exhausted!!

Tucker playing with daddy

My big handsome boy before school

Tucker so happy he got a cookie for dessert!

Eating his cookie


Tucker loves to eat, can you tell!

Tucker fascinated with oso at the mall:)

Tripp eating Chickfila before the fit;)

Feeding oso

The boys eating lunch with nana

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all are having a great week, fit throwing free!!

Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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