Sunday, October 7, 2012

disney cruise 2012

We are back after a week of crusin'!! It was a really fun week and the boys slept really well, that was one of my biggest worries. We ended up upgrading our room to a bigger one with a window. I'm so glad we did because the layout was much better for us and tripp loved playing in the window and watching the water. Tripp really enjoyed running all around the ship, especially up and down the stairs, playing in the pool, splashing around the splash pad, and most of all meeting mickey, minnie, daisy, donald, goofy, pluto and chip & dale!! Tucker enjoyed the splash pad as well, but mostly enjoyed cruising around the ship in his stroller and taking nice long naps! My mom and keith got married and the ceremony was beautiful:) Tripp was the most handsome ring bearer around! We also got to visit grand cayman, cozumel and costa maya. It was overcast most of the time but we did get plenty of sunshine too. The dinners were delicious and carl and I even got to have a private adult only dinner while our boys played in the nursery. Overall we had a wonderful time!!
Our typical day usually started with me sneaking out for a run on the deck while the boys slept, then tucker would wake up around 5:30-6am. Tripp would follow close behind, so we would all get dressed and go have breakfast out on the deck with amazing views. breakfast was usually followed by tucker's nap and some tv/ipad time for tripp then we would all go to the pool and have lunch then go back to the room for a family nap:) Sometimes my sweet grandmother would come sit with the boys while they napped so carl and I could have lunch, walk the deck and lay out together. After nap, it was usually more pool time, walks around the deck or just exploring the ship. Then it was time to get ready for our yummy dinner. After dinner was bath and bedtime then we would start all over again!! It was relaxing and much needed family time. We loved having carl all to ourselves for a whole week!! And being cut off from cell phones, internet, etc. was really good for us too:)
Ok here are some pictures...and just a warning it's an overload!! Enjoy!
right before we left our house!

first day on

main lobby of ship

tripp loved dancing during toddler time!

lunch with an ocean side view:)

tripp got a mickey mouse ice cream bar after dinner every night!
the happy couple...congrats mom and keith!!

love this picture:)

sis and I getting ready for the wedding

2 of my handsome boys...carl is blowing me kisses....haha jk!!

pre-wedding shot!

with my sweet grandparents

the yummy cake
 the happy couple
 family pic:)
 me and my sweet littlest boy:)
 tucker gave  minnie a kiss:)
playing around in the room

 view of the top deck
 tripp was so excited to meet mickey and gave him a big hug!!
 the three handsome men in my life<3 p="p">
chip and dale!!
at the character breakfast...which was super fun!!

and we got home to a decorated porch with a welcome home sign...thanks aunt carrie!!
All in all it was a great vacation and so much fun! Thanks again to mom and keith and congratulations to the two of you!! On a side note I met art rascon from channel 13 news...and I took a pic with him! Carl thought I was a dork and was embarrassed that I asked for a picture with him...haha!! I will post the pic later! Thanks for stopping by and hope all have a great week!!
Love and Blessings,

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