Wednesday, May 23, 2012

To the Doc we go...AGAIN!

That post title about sums up how the past month has been for us! And most recently, this week! It is Wednesday and we have been to the doctor with tripp everyday so far! It started monday when I had to take tripp in and get him his first set of x-rays! To make a long story short, a few weeks ago tripp was playing in the kitchen while I was changing tucker. I heard him pulling some change off the counter and the next thing I know he fell while he was running and was choking on something! I paniced, of course, and once he seemed to get it down I called mr. schindewolf who ran over to help. I called the doctor's office as tripp is screaming and they told me that if it was indeed a coin it would pass. So needless to say for the next few weeks I had to dig through his....well you know! It never came through so the doc said we could get xrays if we wanted to to see if there was anything in there. We were thinking about it when monday morning tripp was whiny and had blood in his stool. The xrays came out clear and he seemed to be fine after all of that. We thought "whew, we're in the clear". NOPE! Tuesday morning tripp woke up running 101.4 fever. Off to the doctor we went again! They ran some tests and all came back clear so they determined it was viral and sent us home with instructions to continue tylenol. Well last night was a night from..H-E-double hockey sticks;) Tripp was up screaming ALL night and would scream every time he swallowed and developed a raspy cough. I finally got him to fall asleep around 4am and just as I was about to lay down tucker woke up! I thought, "of course"! Once I got him back down I was able to sleep for about an hour then tripp was up and crying again! Luckily, my wonderful mom was here waiting when we woke up. She stayed with tucker while we...YEP....went to the doctor AGAIN!! Thise people probably think I'm crazy!! Anyways, after about an hour and a blood test later, they determined it was viral and finally gave us some medicine!! So hopefully this will be the answer:) Prior to all of this chaos, we were in the doctor's office about once a week with tucker due to his tummy problems! Luckily, tucker has been doing very well:) Guess now it's tripp's turn:/ I'm just ready for my babies to feel good and not be miserable anymore!! I have been ingesting coffee like there is no tomorrow and have been running on fumes:) However, seeing my precious babies faces when they smile up at me is all the incentive I need! I love being a mommy....even on days like these;)

been doing a lot of this lately

and a lot of this!

our second home these days;)

love my chunky monkey~

never too tired for kisses!!
Here's to a healthy and restful long weekend!! thanks for stopping by!

love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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