Monday, April 23, 2012

where to begin??

There has been so much going on in the schindewolf household this past week! Last week we had some fun playdates with fun friends. Thursday Brenden, graham and claire came over for a playdate. We celebrated bren's bday a little late with some chick-fil-a and some girly chit-chat:) Tripp and his best buddy graham had a ball running around like crazy!! We even took them out in the backyard and I blew up the bounce house. Needless to say they bounced their little booties off:) Tripp took a very good long nap that day;) So happy that tripp and graham are such good buddies because their mama's are too;) Thursday afternoon grammy had kate over at their house so she brought her over for some bouncin' fun as well! Tripp loves playing with kate too. On a negative note, tucker wasn't acting like his usual self and was extremely fussy. I even took him to the doctor on wednesday morning because he was throwing up alot. The doctor thought it might be his formula so she advised us to try a more sensitive one. So we did. Well that just made it worse! All day thursday he would throw up his bottles. They told us to keep him on the new formula for 24 hours. So we pushed through with no luck. We then were told to try soy formula, we did and again no luck. Thursday night tucker kept getting worse. We laid him down for sleep and after an hour he started throwing up again. From that point on things went downhill. He kept throwing up and even started dry heaving when there was nothing left. He was so lethargic and not his normal self. I started to get worried and we decided to take him on the emergency room. We got to the ER around 10:30pm and tucker was still dry heaving and running a low grade fever. My mom came up to the hospital and carl's mom stayed at our house while tripp was sleeping. After a long wait, we got into a room and started giving tucker pedialyte. After he drank the pedialyte, he perked up and seemed to be doing better. The ER doctor came in, checked him out and wanted to keep him for a while longer for observation. After about another hour he was released. We got home around 2am and put tuck down. He slept until about 5 then woke up throwing up again! I made an appointment with our pediatrician and took him in friday morning. He got checked out once again and the doctor determined it was some sort of virus. He told us to only give him pedialyte for the next 24 hours and prescribed us an anti-nausea medication. Since tucker has plenty of weight to spare the doctor wasn't worried about him missing formula for a day. Well I am happy to report that tucker is much better and completely back to normal. He has been downing his formula like there is no tomorrow;) Guess he's trying to catch up;) We are so thankful this wasn't a contagious virus and are so happy our boy is back to his perky little self again. So much so that the past 2 nights he has gone down at 7:30 and not woken up until at least 6 am!! Thank you so much to yaya, grammy and coach for all your help:)

We also spent some time with my mom, my sisters, my nephews and the schindewolf family this weekend too. We had yummy lunch, did some shopping and celebrated coach's birthday!

In other big news, tripp has started peeing in the potty!! after watching kate at grammy's house, grammy put him on the potty and he peed. So I bought a cars potty seat, of course, and he has been peeing in the potty. He hasnt quite figured out to tell me before he goes and he is still wearing diapers, but we  ask him if he needs to go periodically through the day and he runs to the bathroom, sits on the potty and pee pees!! He of course gets a huge round of applause as well;) His favorite part is washing his hands and flushing the toilet:) We will see how it goes!

Enough with the cit are some pictures...

tripp and graham

happy birthday coach!

blow out the candles...



perking up at the ER

lunch with yaya

blake and aunt rat

my littlest baby and me

hooray for tripp!!

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry so wordy this time! Hope all have a great week:)

Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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