Friday, April 13, 2012

Tripp Ryder

daddy took me to play at the construction site

riding my 4 wheeler

refused to get off my 4-wheeler so I ate my dinner on it!

My big boy is growing up so fast!
Seems like just yesterday he was just a little guy totting around and now he's a boy running like crazy! He is changing so much everyday and has gotten so tall! He looks just like his out girls;) I just wanted to blog about some of the things tripp has been up to.

From day one this little boy loves being outdoors. He especially loves running through the pasture, playing in the dirt, splashing in puddles and mud, playing with rocky and blue, trying to climb trees, riding on the 4 wheeler with daddy, and riding on the good ol john deere with coach! We love living on land and love living so near our families:)

Although he's not talking he is starting to say more and communicates really well. This morning we called Carl and left him a message, tripp said " hi Da" and then he said "bye!" It was so cute and I know daddy loved it! Tripp also says ma, bruh for brother, guh for Grammy, co for coach, ya for yaya, Chee for chief, then jay, bay, and Kay, for his cousins. He has his own word for mickey mouse (buh) haven't figured that one out yet;) and guh for milk which he says because he is trying to make the "k" sound at the end of milk. He says lots of other things too like ball, ba for bat, etc. He also can say pretty much the first sound of most words. We are getting there slowly but surely:) he does get really frustrated when he tries to tell us something and we don't understand.
Tripp also gets frustrated really easily! If he is playing with a toy and it doesn't do what he wants he gets mad starts shaking and usually bites the toy! Haha. Think he gets the easy frustration from his mama;)

Tripp LOVES playing with cars and trucks! He loves all kinds and will spend all day lining them up, rolling them around and making "vroooom" noises. He is such a little boy! He also loves riding on his riding toys inside and out and goes so fast!

Tripp is a sweet little boy and loves his brother. If tucker is crying and I am making a bottle or something, he will go over to him and pat him or try to pick him up (which he can't do:)) he has also learned to put his finger to his mouth and say "shhhhhh" when brother is sleeping. Although, tripps finger usually ends up on his nose when he does this, but he has got the idea;) he also has started making this surprised face and noise all the time, like "huuuuuuuh". Daddy taught him that one while looking at tires one day:)

Our little boy is growing up and we just love him so much. Tripp ryder, you are such a joy in our lives. We love you more than you will ever know! I love you my lil darlin'!
Enjoy the pictures:)

such a boy!
no those aren't bruises on my face that's dirt!
"shhh" brother's sleeping
loves playing in his sandbox
that's our boy
reading his truck book and watching mickey
melts my heart<3
went and got daddy's shirt and wanted to wear it! so sweet
loves playing in the water with aunt janelle and blue
silly face!

I just wanted to dedicate a post to my rough and tumble little boy! I love you baby!! Hope all have a great weekend!

Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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