Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy birthday Grammy!

Yesterday was Grammy's birthday! We celebrated on Sunday with yummy barbeque, rj goodies cupcakes, and the whole fam! Erik and Kristen were nice enough to host us all. We had fun getting together and tripp had a blast playing with cousin Kate. Yesterday we ended up having another spontaneous get together to celebrate Grammy once again. We picked up some burgers from jax and I picked up an Apple pie. Once again we had a blast amidst all the chaos! Tripp and Kate even helped Grammy blow out her candle. Tripp had a blast as usual, he loves hanging out at Grammy and coach's house! We love living so close....tripp always takes off through the pasture towards their house everytime we go outside:) anyways....we just want to say happy birthday to Grammy once more. We love you so very much and our boys are so lucky to have you....its obvious how much they love their grammy. We are so blessed to have you in our lives! We hope you had a great one!!

On Saturday, tucker and I traveled to baytown with yaya to watch cousin Blake's baseball game. Tripp stayed home with daddy. We had a fun time and even had lunch and did a little shopping. Below are also a few pictures. Enjoy!

Yesterday I also had to take lil tuck to the doctor. His allergies have been bad. And because of his weight (over 20 lbs now!) He is able to take meds for it, so hopefully it will start to work soon:) I can't believe how big my baby is! He is over 20 lbs wearing 9-12 months and in size 4 diapers!! He's growing way too fast. He is a big guy and even bigger than his cousin and some friends who are 2 months+ older than him! Gotta love the little chunky monkeys!

Ok here are some pictures...

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  1. I've never celebrated a birthday so much in my life... and I LOVE it. Thanks to all of you so much. I love my family more than I can even say!


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It's a yes!
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