Sunday, December 4, 2011


We took the boys out on our first big outing since tucker was born. We took out our double stroller and headed to the woodlands to get a picture with Santa! We got there while Santa was on break but luckily we were one of the first in line when he returned. Even so, we still had to wait a few minutes so of course our little busy body (aka tripp) was getting very restless! When it was our turn he went right up to Santa (not scared at all) but when it was time to sit down on Santa's lap he was having not part, he wanted to run around! Hence the lovely picture we got;) it's a funny one and definitely one to look back on and laugh! It's not easy getting a picture of an active 21 month old and throwing a newborn into the mix....well see for yourself:)

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It's a yes!
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