Monday, December 19, 2011

One Month Old

Our precious little tucker mason is now 1 month old! We can hardly believe it!! He has been such a blessing to us and we are enjoying every crazy second with our 2 precious boys! Here are some of the things are little "tuck tuck" is up to these days:

  • eating 4 oz. about every two hours (although it seems like he eats constantly!)
  • wearing 3 months
  • now in size 2 diapers!! (came home in size 1)
  • still has blue/green eyes
  • light hair
  • really filling out and now weighs about 12 lbs!
  • his cord finally fell out on friday
  • has lots of stinky diapers and grunts really loud when making them:)
  • pretty content most of the time and seems to be laid back
  • is so precious and has a mommy, daddy and big brother who love him to pieces!
We are enjoying life right now, even all the crazy sleepless nights because we know how fast the time flys by! Tripp is such a sweet big brother and seems genuinely concerned when tucker cries. He will usually try to put a paci or a bottle in his mouth or sometimes even try to pick him up (I dont let him of course;)) it is too precious! We are excited about Christmas and especially all the celebrations we have to attend starting tomorrow with the cowan party!  enjoy the pictures below...

tucker mason
1 month

our little chubbo

yaya and the boys:)
 We went to blake's 8th birthday party this past weekend. He had it an indoor swimming pool. We decided to leave tucker home with grammy and coach while we took tripp, he had a blast and really enjoyed time with mommy and daddy! below are a few pictures.

having a blast!
so sweet
"shooting" with daddy
The bithday boy...we love you!
my precious monkey
 ok here are some pictures of tucker in the "fashionable" outfit that his daddy came home in. Big brother tripp also has a picture in it:)

sweet cousins

Thanks for checking in. Hope all have a blessed week! Will update again soon:)

Love and blessings,

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  1. congrats he is such a cutie! :)
    love the little "tie" that says one month :)


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It's a yes!
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