Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a weekend full of birthdays

It has been a fun weekend full of birthdays!....

Happy 2nd Birthday Jake!

Happy Birthday Dad/Chief!!

Happy 1st Birthday Kate!
We had so much fun celebrating with family this weekend! We spent saturday celebrating dad and jake's birthday and Sunday we had dinner with all the schindewolf family to celebrate kate's birthday. It has been a busy but fun weekend of celebrations! here are some pictures from our weekend and some of our little monkey too! Enjoy!!

tripp playing with daddy


family shot at chief's house!

chief needed help from his grandboys to blow out his candles (jake is practicing for his bday party next weekend!)

me and my lil guy!

my precious nephew blake!


tripp trying out his winter hat


so sweet!!
We've been very busy with our little boy these days! We are patiently awaiting the arrival of two pesky little teeth! He has also found a new interest in standing with help. He does not like to sit down! He wants to stand and walk so badly!! Everyday is a new adventure and we cannot wait to celebrate jake's birthday next weekend and celebrate tripp's first thanksgiving next week! We are so thankful and so blessed for our precious little boy! Carl and I will also be celebrating our 3 year anniversary tomorrow....hopefully I will find some time to dedicate a blog post...we will see! This is by far the best anniversary yet...because we have a precious baby boy to celebrate with us!
Thanks for stopping by!
love and blessings,
traci and tripp

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It's a yes!
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