Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tripp's 1st Thanksgiving

Our precious boy
This past week has been full of family, friends, fun and food!! It has definitely been a week to be thankful for especially because it was tripp's very first thanksgiving. We had three delicious feasts! On sunday we went to Carl's parent's house, Wednesday we went over to chief and ging's house and on thursday we went over to yaya's!
Perhaps the most fun was our annual black friday shopping! this year we started really early! We were at walmart by midnight, target by 2 then we hit kohl's and lowes too! It was freezing but oh so much fun!!! My mom, sister and I look forward to this every year!! It is quite the experience!! we got home at 6:30am and crashed!so fun!!
below are some pictures from the past week...enjoy!

pulls up on everything

in my new jail!

black friday!

precious little muffin all bundled up running errands with mom and dad

"roll and pipe" basbeball at yaya's
(the guys used a pipe as a bat and rolls as the baseballs!)

yaya and her not so cooperative grandboys

hanging out at yaya's

tripp and daddy

yaya and keith taking tripp and jake for a walk


kelly and becky playing games at yaya's

carl, blake, chris and I

aunt rat and tripper

uncle buck and cousin jake

We had a delicious meal at mom's house. Thanks mom!! Below are some pictures from our wednesday feast at dad's.

all of us....minus tiffany

mowing the concrete;)

camo blake....can you see him?!

precious jake

great picture blake jr!

my boys!

"the kid table"

tripp and aunt mo

sweet boy...loves to be on his feet!!

As you can see we had a great thanksgiving week and have much to be thankful for. Now the Christmas holidays are upon us! Our house is completely decorated inside and out and Carl is out on schindewolf lane helping to put out all the lights! Come by sometime and see!! Well we hope all had a blessed thanksgiving! thanks for stopping by! Come back soon:)
Love and Blessings,
traci and tripp:)

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  1. Love all the pictures - Christmas song, too. We are very thankful to have such a great family!


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It's a yes!
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