Sunday, November 29, 2009

25 Weeks and Oh So Thankful!

The Bump: Week 25

Wow, we have now entered the third trimester! I can't believe we are here already. Tripp is growing more each week and is quite a little wiggle worm. Carl and I love to feel him moving around. We can't wait to meet him! Here is what Tripp is up to this week:

In the last third of pregnancy, he'll double and triple his weight. The average fetus size at this point is 13.6 in.-14.8in and weighs about 1.5-2.2 lbs. Your dexterous baby can touch and hold his feet and make a fist. Your partner may be able to hear his heartbeat by pressing his ear against your belly. Your baby has a regular sleep schedule now and active and inactive periods. You may or may not be able to discern what those periods are. His nostrils, which have been plugged, open up.

To say we had a great holiday week/weekend would be an understatement! I spent most of last week baking and preparing for thursday which I always enjoy! On Thanksgiving we celebrated twice. First we went over to Carl's aunt's house and had a mini-feast with his family. We had a good time and his aunt did a great job! Afterwards we headed over to my mom's house where we feasted once again! All of the food was delicious but Tripp especially enjoyed mom/yaya's dressing and aunt kelly's sweet potatoes! We ate a couple rounds of food throughout the afternoon and then we rounded out the night with some fun games! We had such a great time getting together with family and friends. After a full day of fun we headed straight to bed to prepare for getting up early to partake in our annual black friday shopping! Mom, Kelly, tiffany and I fought the cold weather and stood in line to get some great deals and to watch all the crazy shoppers go bananas...which is the best part! I have posted a picture of our loveliness at 3am!

Black Friday!

YaYa and the boys

Kelly and her boys

On Friday morning, after a quick nap, we went on our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm. This has been a tradition in our family since I was a little girl. It is a tradition Carl and I will carry on with Tripp! We enjoyed watching Blake and Jake pick out their tree this year. Here is a picture of all of us (minus mom taking the pic and carl who was working on tripp's dresser) heading out to see all the trees!

Christmas Tree Farm

To round out all the holiday festivities and to kick off the Christmas season, Dad and Ginger took us all to see 'A Christmas Carol' at the alley theatre followed by a yummy dinner at The Texas Steamboat House, which was delicious!! The play we saw is one that Dad and Mom used to take my sisters and I to every year when we were growing up....another of many traditions we had! It was so neat to see it again. It was the first play Carl and Tripp had ever been to ;) I have of course posted some pics from our fun night out! Enjoy!

The whole crew at dinner

Carl, Tripp and I

Dad and us


All of us at dinner

Well, Tripp is kicking me right now, I think he's trying to tell me it's time for breakfast;) so I'm off to make some breakfast and get ready for chuch. Thanks for reading and be sure to check in again soon! How blessed we are! We had a great holiday week and we hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving and holiday weekend! Have a great week!


Traci, Carl and Tripp

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  1. I love seeing the Christmas Carol! This year's director (he used to play Scrooge) was my director when the Alley selected a play I wrote with Kelly in high school. :) I so wish we could go see the play again this year. A Christmas Carol never gets old :)


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It's a yes!
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