Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day and tucker update

We had a nice low key valentine's day! The day started with several visitors stopping by to spoil our boys! They even had cupcakes and m&m's for breakfast;) We met some good friends for lunch and a play date at chick fil a, then came home to play outside and take naps:) afterwards I prepared a special dinner for my boys and coach too! I made heart shaped turkey meatoaf, veggies and homemade mac'n'cheese:) for dessert a heart shaped cookie cake (Carl's fave). We enjoyed te beautiful weather and had a nice family dinner! Cannot think of a better way to spend my valentine's evening than with my 3 guys:) here are a few pics:)

Coach playing with the boys after dinner, such a special bond:)

My hubby and parents know me well;)

On to a tucker update. Tuck has been doing so great!! However the past couple of weeks he has been waking up crying and telling me his tummy hurts. My inclination is that his inflammation is back or worse:/ we had an appointment set up to see our GI on March 6th but I called and filled them in and they were able to work us in this morning. After an examination, some talking and some new meds she set up his fourth endoscopy and 2nd colonoscopy for March 11th. That is the only way we will know about the inflammation for sure. He also had to get blood taken so they could make sure his hemoglobin levels were good. So after a quiet (and much needed) few months we are back in the swing of things again. Hoping and praying for some answers in this new year. The results of the genetics test should be in sometime in the next couple of months. So that is it for now. Please pray for our sweet tuck, pray for relief and pray for some answers!! Thank you all!! Here are a few recent pics of my lil darlins'!

Dinner with our cousins!

Sweet boys!

All his "friends" that he has to bring to bed with him!

Look at those tooshies!!

My whole world<3

Big boys did SO well at the doc today:)

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your prayers!!

Love and blessings,

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