Saturday, October 8, 2011


This past week we hosted 3 Playdates at our house. We love having friends over! Tripp gets so excited when he has playmates and I love having some girl chatting time:) Playdates have been so great especially since I am 8 months pregnant and have a hard time getting around with an active 19 month old.

Tripp is now 19 months old and changing so much everyday. He's not talking too much, but communicates well with the few words and sounds he does make. His physical skills continually soar;) he loves being outside and especially loves to go over and play at Grammy and coach's house. He is just such a precious boy and I love spending all my days with him...even the rough ones;) I feel very blessed and am really excited to have another precious son in a few weeks!

Today we are planning on heading to the pumpkin patch. We love family activities and love having daddy home! Below are some pictures from our playdate and a few others...again sorry for the disorganization, I'm blogging from my phone. Hope all have a blessed weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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It's a yes!
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