Sunday, October 16, 2011

One rough week

This past week was a rough one! My poor little boy is cutting 3 back teeth all at the same time! So needless to say, there have been many sleepness nights, missed Naps and some extremely fussy days! Mix that with being 8 months pregnant and super uncomfortable and you've got a recipe for disaster. I could not wait for the weekend. And luckily this was one of the first weekends in a long time that we didn't have anything planned. Carl has been so amazing in helping with tripp and letting me get some rest. Yesterday I got to go have lunch with my sisters and then came home and took an hour long nap. It was so refreshing:) tripp of course doesn't mind at all, he LOVES his daddy and loves spending one on one time with him. When daddy is around he doesn't need his mommy;)

We have been spending lots of time outside since the weather is so nice. And that of course means making our way over to Grammy and coach's to play with rocky, take wagon rides, and run around their yard. Tripp loves it! The other afternoon coach took tripp for a special wagon ride which he loved! (See pics below).

This last month of pregnancy is looking to be rough, but I have been keeping my mind on the positive of what's to come....another precious little boy to bless our lives!

We spent most of the day outside today. We went to the park and then came home and tripp ran around outside. He was filthy by the time we went inside...but that's ok because he had a blast! We ended out the evening by having dinner at Grammy and coach's with the family. Tripp had so much fun running around with cousin Kate. He was worn out by the time we came home and went right to sleep, bug that didn't last long. It is now 1:30 am and we are up again with a fussy boy:( I'm hoping this week isn't like last week! Maybe God is just preparing us for life with a newborn again;) below are a few recent pictures...enjoy!

Hope all have a great week. Love and blessings to all!

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It's a yes!
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