Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our little peanut

first picture of our new little peanut

I went for my first ultrasound yesterday morning. We heard a strong heartbeat and got a first glimpse of our little peanut:) My due date got pushed back about a week, but since I am going to have a c-section we will most likely be meeting this precious new addition on November 18, 2011. When I got home and pulled out the ultrasound picture tripp immediately grabbed it and wanted to carry it around! I even tried to hide it in my purse and give him another piece of paper to play with, but he wanted that picture! I think he's excited about the new peanut too;)

Boy have I been having some cravings lately! Some of the things I have been craving are: fried pickles, schlotzskys, red meat, salad, brussel sprouts and anything salty! I feel like all I want to do is eat and sleep!! So hard to incorporate physical activity but oh so important! :) Other than wanting to eat and sleep all the time I have been feeling great! Tripp helps to keep me moving and on my feet! Speaking of tripp below are a few recent pictures of our little man...enjoy!

waving at daddy

Love to drive with daddy

sometimes he does lay still...for a second:)

thanks for stopping by! We hope all have a great week:)

Love and Blessings,

Traci & Tripp

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It's a yes!
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