Monday, August 9, 2010

One Rough Week

Although you can't tell from the above picture, we have had one rough week! Poor little tripper has been so fussy and nothing seemed to soothe him! It all started last monday when tripp started running fever and seemed to be miserable. I took him to the doctor and later found out he had roseola ( a skin rash that can cause irritability). His skin cleared up by thursday but the poor guy was still fussy! On Friday night carl and I were up ALL night with the poor little guy. However, on saturday we spent the day with my family and my mom and sister encouraged us to change his formula to see if it would help...well so far so good! Mommy and Daddy have been getting much more sleep! Needless to say we have been exhausted but things seem to be improving.

Despite the fussiness, we had a great weekend full of family! Saturday we spent the day at my moms and had some yummy food and so much fun! It was so nice having my mom, sisters and brother in law around to help with our poor unhappy little guy. It sure gave carl and I a little break. Thanks yall! We love you! The family fun continued on sunday with dinner at erik, kristen and kate's. We had a yummy dinner and a lot of fun!

Not too much more to report...just hoping things keep getting better! Here are some pictures from the past week....enjoy!!

trying so hard to hold my bottle!

love to relax in my diaper!

playing with coach

uncle buck with all the boys

aunt mo, tripp and jake


tripper and daddy

so smiley!!


love bath time!

keeping himself entertained while waiting for the doc
We hope everyone has a great week! Will update again soon!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

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It's a yes!
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