Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Boy...

precious boy!

Our baby is growing up too fast! Tripp has officially graduated to a "big boy" car seat! Daddy installed it last night and we took our little man for a spin! He loved it and didn't know what to look at first! He was very smiley, despite the fact that his daddy accidentally pinched his leg when he got buckled in...he was a tough boy about it, he cried for a second then stopped and was happy again! What a tough little guy! I think it hurt me more than him!!

big boy in his car seat!
Tripp has been growing more and more alert everyday. He is way more in tuned with his surroundings and a lot more curious! He is a very mischievous little boy! In fact yesterday I put tripp in his chair and turned on mickey mouse clubhouse (his fave right now) why I went into the kitchen to rinse out his bottle. Mind you, Tripp sits in his chair quite often. Well I was gone about 30 second when I heard tripp hysterically laughing so I peeked around the corner to check and here is what I saw:

look at me mom!

I panicked at first and then couldn't help but laugh and snap a quick photo! Lessons learned:

1. tripp needs to be strapped in now

2. ALWAYS keep my camera handy! :)

I just couldn't believe that he figured out how to weasel his way out of his chair! What will he do next?! My sister (the mother of 2 boys) tells me to get prepared! I don't think carl and I will ever have a dull moment again! Here are a few more pictures of my mischievous little man.

just woke up and look just like daddy!

I will feed myself mommy!

trying hard to sit up!
This past week we had the pleasure of traveling to baytown and spending the night with my sister and her two boys! Her hubby was working nights so tripp and I packed up our house and went on down! Yaya even came and spent the night with us too! My sister and I took the two little boys and went and had lunch with my nephew blake at school. we even did a little shopping with the little boys as well. When one was whining the other was good, then the other would start whining! Wow were we exhausted! To top off the day and speaking of mischievous little boys...while we were there my 7 year old nephew broke the front window of their house by throwing a sword at it! My poor sister had to duct tape it until her hubby came home while I tried to keep her 2 year old son away from it! Wow, what we have in store when we have boys! Needless to say when we went out to eat that night mom, kelly and I all had a margarita! Boy did we need it;) Here are some fun pictures from our little trip.

shopping with our boys

my sister, myself and precious jake at dinner

yaya, blake and tripp

me and my blakey at his lunch

tripper and mommy at cousin's lunch!

kelly and her boys
What a fun and adventurous week! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! Will update again soon!!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp
P.S. hope you paid attention to the first song that plays on our blog. We love it and hope you do too!!


  1. Great pictures! He looks a lot like his daddy, but I can definitely see you in him too! He's growing up so fast! Hope you're doing well!!

  2. Yeah he looks like Daddy in that one pic but he really looks like you in all the others!

  3. thanks! I'm so glad he looks like me too!!


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It's a yes!
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