Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

"Happy BirthdayDaddy!!"
We had a great weekend! And Carl had a great birthday weekend. We kicked off the weekend friday by having dinner with lance and michelle at their new house! We felt privileged to have been the first guests they have cooked for! Tripp had a blast with his uncle lance and aunt michelle. Saturday tripp and mommy woke up early and decorated the kitchen for daddy. Mommy even wrapped daddy's present with a big blue bow...did you see it above?! However daddy's present was not cooperative and decided he wanted to eat the bow...haha! Tripp was really excited to celebrate daddy's birthday:)

Daddy's present...eating the bow

looking at daddy and NOT the camera;)

Saturday, since the poor birthday boy had to spend most of his day mowing, tripp and I headed off to go shopping with yaya, aunt mo, and blake and jake. We had fun spending part of the day with them and even stopped by a yummy cupcake shop called frost (definitely recommend it!!) to pick up some treats for carl. Saturday night tripp went to spend some time with his yaya while carl and I went out for this birthday. We went to the movie tavern and had such a nice night out together. Thanks mom!! Today we rounded out the weekend by spending some time with adam, jessica, judd and joshua then heading over to carl's parents for a yummy steak dinner to continue carl's birthday celebration. Like I said it was a really fun weekend. Below are some pictures from the past week...enjoy!

happy boy...playing with daddy of course!

daddy's new trick....tripp LOVES it!

tripp and precious!!

aunt michelle with tripper

i love to grab on to my toys!

#1 Hunk ;)

cutie pie

love to chew on my new teether...thanks aunt kristen!

tripp's fave position

ready to go hunting with chief and uncle buck;)
So our little boy has been quite busy lately. He has discovered his own voice and loves to scream a very high pitched scream all day long! It's pretty cute but a little ear piercing;) tripp is very active and smiley all the time. He laughs and plays so much! He is just such a little cutie with such a precious personality!! We love this little boy to pieces!!
Well we hope everyone has had a great weekend and has an even better week! Thanks for stopping by!! We will update again soon!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & tripp

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