Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good times and great friends


So I have just have to make note that this is my 100th post! Wow!! We have had a very busy, very fun past couple of days! Thursday night we were able to go out to eat with adam, jessica, joshua and judd. It was a little hectic with the 3 boys but oh so much fun! Friday we went over to one of my best friends parent's house for a yummy cookout and to go swimming. Tripp had a blast in the pool kicking his legs and relaxing with daddy! We enjoyed getting together with the allums family! We love them so much and had a blast!! Below are a few pictures of our night!

relaxing with daddy


i love to splash!

trying to hold my own bottle!

"aunt kelly" with tripper!

kelly and me! (and her crazy dog too:))

check out those sexy trunks!
(carl had to borrow some rather dated ones from mr. allums:))

On Saturday night we headed out to baytown to drop tripp off with his aunt mo, uncle buck and cousins blake and jake while carl and I headed off to one of our good friend's wedding. Tripp had a blast over there and didn't cry one bit! Uncle Buck even held tripp in what they refer to as "the birdhold" almost always guaranteed to put their boys to sleep when they were babies. Well as you will see in the picture it worked for tripp too! Right before his bath he zonked out and they said he was even drooling on himself! Thanks Kelly, Blake, Blake Jr. and Jake! Tripp had a blast!

"The Birdhold"

We had so much fun at Bailey and Ryan's wedding. Bailey looked beautiful of course and Ryan is a lucky man! It was so much fun getting together with old friends!! What a fun are some pictures from the wedding.

Carl and I before the wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Allen

great friends!

(the yates, us and the voelkels)

Lance and Michelle gettin' down:)

Like I said it has been a busy but fun couple of days! However, our little guy had a rough night last night. He has been congested and could not breathe well and didn't sleep good at all...neither did mommy! Hopefully he will feel better soon, might have to make another visit to the doc tomorrow! Mommy doesn't like her baby being sick and has been giving him extra love and care!

Thanks for checking in and we hope everyone has a blessed week!!

Love and Blessings,

Traci & Tripp

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  1. Tripp looks like a little He-Man! I love the muscle shots!


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It's a yes!
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