Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4 Months Tripp!!

Tripp Ryder 4 months

Well here we are at month 4. I cannot believe how big my little boy is getting. It literally seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home and scared to death as what to do with this new little baby! Now we are like pros;) As usual here are some things our big boy is up to now:

  • chews on hands and teethers
  • drools all the time!
  • blows spit bubbles
  • drinks 6-7oz. at each feeding
  • eats periodically during the day...just whenever he feels like it
  • still loves to be outside
  • loves the sound of rain
  • laughs out loud...especially when daddy plays rough with him!
  • wearing size 6 and 9 month clothing
  • grabs and holds toys
  • loves for daddy to hold him and walk around....calms him so much!
  • sweats a lot!
  • loves to splash in the tub
  • likes his paci at bedtime now
  • takes his bath around 7:30 and goes down about 8pm
  • usually sleeps until about 5 am, but lately has been waking around 3 for a bottle (we think his possible teething may be waking him)
  • really likes tv! even turns his head to see it when eating his bottle! (just like daddy:))
  • is really strong and tries to stand on his legs
  • holds his head up pretty good...but not all the way just yet!
  • loves to play under his activity mat
  • likes to wrestle with his sock monkey
  • is really great in the mornings...must be a morning person like mommy and daddy!

As you can see little tripper has Align Leftbeen quite a busy little boy these days. He continues to grow and change everyday. I love him so much more than words can say. Here are a few things I love:

  • love when my little guy falls asleep on my chest
  • love how he grabs my shirt and fingers while eating
  • love that sometimes he just wants his mommy
  • melts my heart when he smiles his big smile
  • also love to hear him laugh!
  • love to watch him and his daddy precious
  • love to lay him in bed with me in the morning and watch him sleep

Overall I just love being his mommy!

We have had a fun weekend full of family and food! Just the way a holiday weekend should be! Friday carl was sweet to watch tripp while mom and I went to see eclipse...which was great by the way! Saturday we went over to dad's for a bbq and got to spend time with chief, ging, aunt mo, uncle buck, blake and jake. We had fun eating yummy food and hanging out! Today we spent the day at yaya's and had some more yummy food!! Tripp had so much fun that he even took a 2 hour nap! YaYa was even sweet enough to watch tripp while I went and did some grocery shopping! The rest of the weekend we plan on resting and having some family time! We are excited that carl has the day off tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a blessed 4th of july!

Well just wanted to post a little update on what tripp has been up to! We go to his 4 month well check up this week, Carl will be going with us since he has to get shots and mommy is a wimp! We will update again soon with all his stats...can't wait to see just how big he has gotten! Well we hope everyone has a blessed rest of the weekend and great week ahead! Thanks for stopping by! Here are few picture from our weekend...

tripp fell asleep holding daddy's shorts

happy 4th...precious boys!

hanging out with mommy

me and my blakey!

yes, we are dressed alike;)

me and my boys:)

Love and Blessings,

Traci & Tripp

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