Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Tripp!

Our little boy is now 2 years old! I have to admit that I cried last night looking at pictures from his first birthday, it seems like just yesterday. Yet here we are at birthday #2! We celebrated tripp's birthday yesterday at samuel matthews park amidst great family and friends! We had a cars themed party because aside from mickey mouse that is tripp's favorite thing at the moment:) Before more about the party here are some of the things our 2 year old is up to these days:

  • wearing 3T
  • size 5 diapers....maybe potty training in near future???
  • is an early bird! usually up by 6:30 no matter what time he goes to bed!
  • naps about 2 hours a day around lunchtime
  • not a great eater, but loves chikfila!
  • drinks ALOT of milk (we go through 2-3 gallons a week just for him!)
  • loves to be outside!!
  • loves to splash around in rainwater and get all muddy...such a boy!
  • loves to hang out outside with coach, rocky and grammy and loves running while pulling his wagon
  • not talking much but can communicate well in his own way (i have learned to speak "tripp")
  • loves to watch old mickey mouse episodes on the ipad
  • calls mickey "buh", milk "guh" , and can pretty much say first letter sound for all other words: ex: grammy= "gruh"
  • loves to play rough with daddy
  • is so sweet and loves to cuddle, but is a rough and tumble little boy;)
  • is extremely active and pretty well coordinated
  • loves cars and trucks and anything with wheels and calls them all "caas"
  • loves baths, especially at coach & grammy's house
  • is very observant and copies everything, especially daddy
  • loves to dance
  • loves fruit
  • love his brother and always tries to soothe him when he cries
  • will do anything for a laugh
  • loves to ride in the car
  • likes to eat popcicles
  • likes to swing his bat and his his baseball of his pretty good too:)
As you can see our little man is growing up! Sorry so wordy, but I just want to make sure and document as much as I can! like I mentioned before we had a great birthday party yesterday. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such great family and friends! Thanks to all who came out and celebrated with us. As usual our moms were a big help! We don't know what we would do with out yall! Thanks yaya and grammy! We ended up having to schedule tripp's party during his naptime and figured it would be ok, well not so much! He was really fussy and it didn't help that we forgot his favorite milk cup at home! Luckily, our friends brenden and chad had an extra cup like tripp's in their car! Thanks again for saving the day;) All in all, the party went really well and tripp had a great time despite the bits of fussiness;) I only posted a few pictures from the party but may try to post a few more later. Enjoy all the pictures below.

cupcake for breakfast today!

brothers before tripp's birthday party

tripp's fave thing to do!

"helping" mommy with laundry

loves his pluto!

big boy eating yogurt all by himself:)

loves hanging out with coach and rocky!

birthday cake

yummy food!

never schedule a party during naptime!

birthday boy with his pinata

what he preferred to do with his pinata;)

opening presents!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope all have a blessed week!

Love and Blessings,

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