Friday, December 17, 2010

Houston....we have a tooth!

That's right my little 9 1/2 month old monkey has finally got a tooth breaking through! we were beginning to think those pesky little teeth would never make an appearance! Yesterday, while tripp was chewing on my finger I felt something sharp, upon further investigation I realized it was his first tooth! It's a Christmas miracle! Haha, ok maybe I'm taking this excitement a little too far;)
We have had a very exciting week! Not only a tooth, but also tripp's first haircut, a christmas party playdate and "helping" mommy wrap presents. Below are some pictures from the week:

where did daddy go? waited by the door after daddy left for work:)

driving down schindewolf lane never gets old!

Where's tripp?

there he is!
Below are some shots of tripp "helping" mommy wrap presents. I only had to pull tissue and wrapping paper out of his mouth a few times;) No matter, I wouldn't change a thing! we had so much fun and I am blessed to have a happy and healthy little boy that I love more than life!

hiding in the tissue paper!


On Wednesday we hosted a christmas party playdate! We had some yummy food, coffee, cookies and a great time with fun friends! We tried to pose all the kiddos for a picture but we could not get all to cooperate at the same time and tripp was just not having any of it! haha!

cousins! (we had already lost the pants by this time;))

trying to pose all the kiddos! (graham was the youngest and best behaved!)

Tripp also had his first "professional" haircut this past week. Carl has given him several trims, but I thought it was time for his first real haircut. So I took him to 'cool cuts 4 kids'. He got to sit in a firetruck and watch tv while getting his haircut. He did well in the beginning until the lady moved and he could see what was going on in the mirror. It was all downhill from there. This little boy screamed and screamed!! But needless to say he looked so precious afterwards. I think daddy will be giving him his next few haircuts:)


post-haircut and not happy!

so precious!

what a rough day!
We have another fun weekend in store! Tomorrow we will be traveling to kema to eat at the rainforest cafe for little blake's 7th birthday! I think tripp is really going to enjoy it! Can't wait! Well, thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a blessed Christmas week! take a moment to ponder the "reason for the season" and Thank God for all the blessings in your life that may be taken for granted. I know I will! will update again soon!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp :)

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