Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tucker update

Yesterday tucker went in for his 4th endoscopy and 2nd colonoscopy. This kid is a trooper and is most definitely my hero!! The day before the procedure we had to start the 'prep' for this procedure. I had been dreading that day for weeks. It is absolutely awful. Well in a nutshell it started out rough but my tough little man powered through and didn't whine at all! He even slept all night without having had anything to eat besides popcicles and juice. The ride into the hospital was pretty good, aside from his little booty being sore from all the pooping (for lack of a better term;)). Anyways, he was in such a good mood and all the nurses just loved him!! They went on and on about how cute he is:) he is such a little ham even under the worst circumstances. Anyways, the procedure took about 2 hours. He did great. From the looks of it the doctor told us that the inflammation looks much better, but will have to wait until the biopsies come back to see if that is correct. Sometimes it can appear to look good, but microscopically there can be severe inflammation. This has happened to us before. So we should know by Friday. However, I am so happy to see that it looks better. Compared to last time when it was really inflamed and he has ulcers too. So praise be to God!!! Here are a few pics of our trooper:)

These first two pics are of tuck during his prep! You would never know!

Waiting to be taken back, with a smile on his face!

Poor guy was out!

This picture is a good depiction of our champ and my hero!!!

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your thoughts and prayers, we could definitely feel them:) please continue to pray for answers for our baby!! Love you all:)

Love and blessings,

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